Team Design Sketches: Progress Stage One

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Focusing on Key Elements of the Site

Top Left:

As a team we talked about what about the site and design interests us. We went discussed some ideas about the residential buildings that we may want to consider having either a low maintenance green roof which the families cannot use or a garden green roof allowing the families to grow their own food if they choose too. This is just one of the early ideas that will be further discussed.

Top Right:

Choosing where the “entrance” of the neighborhood would be located. We decided we didn’t like the word “entrance” we wanted to keep it apart of the community by following the grid of the streets. The yellow lines are the roads that do not disrupt the views looking towards the site. We find these streets very important because people like to look were they are going. Our “entry” will be located on those points. The ferry is also another entry point to the site. We decided to place the ferry on the right of site because we wanted parks along the water.

Bottom Left:

One of the idea we had was to have a canal through our site. This plan is actually three plans in one. The possibility of how far the canal show come to the site and the advantages and disadvantages of splitting the site into two is what is being discussed. The overall idea behind this plan is to have private and safety to those that live in the site while allowing the surrounding visitors to enjoy the site as well. Creating a balance and guiding visitors to enjoy the area and not feel like they are intruding.

Bottom Right:

Continuing the canal talk and suggesting if we do divide the site there should be connecting points like bridging. Deciding to walk over or walking along side the canal. Thinking about how would people move to and from the site. Moving from one canal to possibly multiple.

 Eliza Baraggan, Walkiria Cabrera, Isaias Garcia and Jennifer Valerio

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