Team A – Updated Principles

Old Principles

1. Energy efficient neighborhoods (Solar Panels, Wind Turbines)                    2. Green Roofs                                                                                                          3. Water Front Accessibility                                                                                    4. Easy flow circulation                                                                                            5. Resilience to flood                                                                                               6. Bioswales

New Principles

1) Resilience

(Human aspect) –  Creating a safe environment

(Architectural aspect) – Ability to accept and recover from floods.

2) Increased Interaction – Reducing the cultural barriers between races and increasing the socialization between all races.

3) Welcoming water into the site. – To increase the relationship between people and nature.

4) Easy Circulation – To create a free living environment. (Less cars, more walkways, more bikes.)

5) Energy Efficiency – (Bioswales, Green Roofs, Solar Panels.)

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