What is Urban Design?

“Urban planning” is the study of the future development of cities and urban rational layout, and the deployment of comprehensive arrangement of all urban construction. It shows the blueprint for the urban development in certain period of time. As an important part of urban management, it is the basis of urban construction and management, and the premise of the three stages of management: urban planning, urban construction, urban operation.
 Urban complex system determines the urban planning is a long-term adjustment along with the urban development and operation situation and constantly revised. Today, America Urban planning development already includes four aspects: the content of the city’s economic development plan, and social development planning, construction planning and the design of the urban policy and research. The United States government at all levels, from the federal government, state to the town, there are urban planning institutions: the federal government has “the department of housing and urban development ; Parliament has the city planning commission; The administrative department of planning bureau, the planning office. Urban planning in the United States has experienced several stages of development, gradually formed a complete set of research and working methods.

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