Reflection on walking tour

We walked through Plazas, Parks and Squares, a designer has to know the difference between them and when to use Plaza, Parks and Squares depends on different situations. I found a choice can inflence the feeling of a place. The tricky part is to figure out what’s the best one to be designed in an area. They have difference usages, materials used, and principles.

  I think a park should have fence, trees and seats, it is a kind of quiet area and makes people feel relax and quiet. Sometimes it has other usages like blocking the noise from streets, makes air cleaner and so on. However, a plaza can be a good place for people to hangout and play together, sometimes plazas merge to the  surroundings, a plaza is often opened, chairs can be moved, and more flexible.

A square can have both characters from parks and plazas. I think to design a square, designers have to think about feelings, spaces, views, landuse, and so on.

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