Value- Value is present in all design. It is the lightness or darkness of an object, regardless of color.

Gouache is a type of paint which is centuries old, and yet relatively few people even know of its existence today. It’s a medium worth discovering, with characteristics of both acrylic and watercolor that can be used to create vibrant, luminous works of art.




 This texture is from a rug

 This texture is the wood in my bathroom

this is the tiles on my bathroom wall.

CUNY Perks

One of my favorite perks is the student discount we get. And also free passes to art museum like MoMA with your student ID.

Thumbnail Sketches?

The first thing we must do when starting a design process is to create a couple of thumbnail sketches. Thumbnail sketches are very usual and important. Not only do you start fresh but, it gives you an idea as to what you like best and what works for you. Learning steps such as this can help you have a better understanding when challenging techniques come up as we go further into class.


Art on Wheels?!

Lately I’ve been hearing so much about Street art and how artists have been painting murals on buildings all over New York City but I had no idea that someone thought of a brilliant idea to put art on literal wheels! Now we thought Street art was awesome, what about this? I thought this was awesome! Going on the road and bringing art to people. Well done.