ENG 1101 OL04 ePortfolio

By: Dabin Tang

Hey, guys! This ePortfolio is to showcase my work and reflect on four months of disciplinary writing in ENG 1101 OL04. Let’s take the time ship and review my works for this semester!

Unit 1 Educational Narrative ( Week 2 – Week 6)

                                                    My Education Experience

     Everyone has different educational experiences in life, and they can affect our life. I have many educational experiences, two of which I will never forget. Educational experiences are meaningful in life. Through these experiences, we can learn something useful to us that can make our future better.

      Since elementary school, I was not good at math. There were many things to learn, such as multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, and more. When I was in middle school, there was more and more mathematical knowledge to learn, such as how to calculate rational numbers, how to solve linear equation problems, learn geometric properties and the Pythagorean theorem, etc. In math class, when the teacher was explaining the example problems, I sometimes couldn’t understand them, so I kept taking notes. Sometimes I also don’t know how to do some homework problems. Once I came home after school and did my homework in my room. I ran into a homework problem that I didn’t know how to solve, and I took the time to think about it. I was in a bad mood and I don’t want to do this question. I put this homework sheet on the table, then opened the comic book and read my favorite comics. After dinner, my mother asked me, “Have you finished your homework?” I said, “It’s not done yet.” My mother said, “Why don’t you do your homework?” I said, “I have a math problem I can’t do, I spend time thinking about it, and I still can’t.”Mom asked, “What is the purpose of learning?” I couldn’t answer. My mother said to me seriously: “You have to study hard. Learning is not just a process of improving yourself, but learning is to lay a solid foundation for your future. The purpose of the study is for your own future and to be a successful person.” I felt ashamed after hearing that. I read my notes carefully and then found some videos on similar topics to watch. I spent time analyzing this problem and then knew how to solve it. Afterward, when I didn’t understand something in math class, I would ask my teacher  for help. I would find some videos to watch about what was taught in class. When I encountered difficulties in my homework, I also discussed with my friends how to solve them. Overcoming difficulties and studying hard is for your future development.

     Another educational experience was the first history class in high school. The teacher did not lecture in the first class, he told us about his experience. He said: “I have loved to read since I was a child. My mother read me story books every night when I was a child. On Sundays or during the holidays, I would go to the bookstore to read and buy books. Now my bookshelves are full of books at home. The bookshelves are full of books. There are storybooks, science fiction, world-famous books, and so on.” He also told us that reading can make us acquire knowledge, and every time you read a new book, you will learn something new. He will take a little time every day to read books and develop a good habit of reading. Through reading, we can learn something about history, astronomy, geography, philosophy of life, and so on. We can also learn about some cultural practices, some interesting things happening around the world, and more. The teacher told us that we should read some books every week when we had free time, although he would not check what books we read. After that, when I have free time, we will read some books every Sunday. Every time I read, I will underline some important sentences in the article and take notes next to them. I also think about what I’ve read and then write down my own thoughts and feelings. Reading allows me to learn all kinds of knowledge and broaden my horizons. Reading can also learn other people’s successful experience and some writing skills. Knowledge makes the future. The more knowledge we learn, the more confident we are in the future. 

     In my educational experience, I have encountered some difficulties and I understand that my teachers and parents told me something that worked for me. I understand the purpose of learning. When I encounter problems that I don’t understand in my studies, I  ask others for advice. I learned that through reading, I can learn a lot that I didn’t learn in class. I read some books when I have time. These experiences have made me a better person and my own future better.

Unit 2 Annotated Bibliography ( Week 7 – Week 11)

Research question: How does technology affect children during the pandemic?


         I’m interested in this question because schools are closed during the pandemic, children are taking online classes at home and using social media to interact with friends. Modern technology has brought great convenience to our life. It plays an essential role in our study, work and life. Although technology has brought us convenience, some children will be overly dependent on technology and spend a lot of time on electronic devices every day during the pandemic. Technology has had an important impact on children, so I am interested in researching this issue.

        I expect to find some positive and negative effects of technology on children during the pandemic. For example, technology promotes communication between people. During the pandemic, students cannot communicate with their friends face-to-face because of school closures. Through some social software, they can send messages or videos to friends. During class, lectures can be recorded and children can watch the recording anytime if they want to review or miss a lesson. Technology can also have a negative impact on children. During class, some children do not pay attention to the class and will use mobile phones or computers to play games, which will lead to children being addicted to online games and make their grades worse and worse. If children rely on computers or other electronic devices for a long time, it can affect their mental health. Some children often play games and are reluctant to communicate with others, which can make children become introverted. Some children like to use social media to browse some information, but there is a lot of false information online that may affect children’s mental health development.

         If I find something that doesn’t fit my assumptions, I won’t throw it away, but I won’t use it.There are some things we try to do, but find that things are different from us, I choose to stick to my assumptions because in reality not everything is what we expect. I’ll take what I’ve found as extra information that helps me understand the problem better. The genres I use,a news, a blog, a lab report, and a review report. These provided me with good information and helped me understand how technology is affecting children during this pandemic.

Source Entries:

Richtel, Matt, “Children’s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and

           Researchers”. Published Jan 16, 2021, 

         This news, talks about the dramatic increase in children’s screen use during the pandemic. 14-year-old James has spent a lot of time on electronic devices. During the pandemic, computers and mobile phones have played an important role in children’s lives. Many children are easily attracted to electronic devices at home, and their parents are less likely to restrict their use of various electronic devices. one app that many kids used regular during the pandemic is Roblox. The app was so popular that it’s usage has skyrocketed on 2020. Children’s use of YouTube in 2020 has increased a lot compared to last year, and almost every month uses more YouTube than the previous month. Heavy use of electronic devices reduces children’s active time.The  pandemic  could probably lead to overuse of technology products. For a few weeks, James’ parents have prevented him using his electronic devices on weekdays.

        Spending more time on electronic devices reduces physical activity. Matt Richtel states, “Currently, James, who used to spend his spare time mountain riding as well as playing sports, spends most of his free time — roughly forty hours per week — on Console and his smartphone.” This is relevant to my paper because it shows technology affects children by reducing physical activity during pandemic. Usually, children may play activities with friends when they are free, but because of the pandemic, children basically can only stay at home. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, game consoles, etc. have become close friends of children. They spend a lot of time playing games, watching videos, and browsing online information. There are other simple exercises you can do at home, like stretching and squats. Using electronic devices for extended periods of time can cause children to have less and less exercise time. The news tells me that because of the pandemic, a large number of parents have loosened restrictions on their children’s use of electronic devices. This brings children into digital life gradually. Children cannot go out for sports and entertainment with friends, and it has become the norm to use computers, mobile phones, etc. for a long time every day.

Serra, G., Lo Scalzo, L., Giuffrè, M. et al. “Smartphone use and addiction during the coronavirus

          disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic: cohort study on 184 Italian children and

          adolescents.” Ital J Pediatr 47, 150 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13052-021-01102-8

        This lab report assesses the social and health consequences of excessive mobile phone use among kids during the pandemic, examining usage patterns and purpose, and levels of addiction. One hundred and eighty-four kids received a self- report and a questionnaire during the pandemic. The study aimed to identify cellphone usage patterns, negative affects and so on. The questionnaire was made to help comprehend the patterns of usage of cellphone including its effect on regular living. It also tried to demonstrate the severity of addition before and during the pandemic. Of the 184 kids, there would be more girls than boys. Research shows that more participants had addiction during the pandemic than before the pandemic, but fewer participants were at high risk of addiction during the pandemic than before the pandemic. During the pandemic, Italian kids are using cellphone more frequently than they did before the pandemic. This resulted in a lot of negative clinical mental effects.

        Modern technology products,such as computers and cellphones are dramatically impacting the lives of a lot of kids nowadays.“Overuse of cellphones can have a variety of negative consequences. It has the potential to cause online bullying, social outcast, and a number of neurological and social issues.” It is relevant to my paper because it shows that cellphone use during a pandemic can have a negative psychological and social impact on children. Excessive cell phone use increases cyberbullying. Bullies use emails, social media, etc. to abuse and threaten against children. Through the Internet, bullies can post messages to harass children and teens anytime and anywhere. Some victims are afraid to tell their friends and parents. Cyberbullying can take a toll on a child’s mental health. Prolonged cell phone use can make children feel lonely, anxious, and low self-esteem. Children generally use their mobile phones to watch videos and send messages to chat with others every day. Excessive use of mobile phones reduces their face-to-face interactions with others, which can have a negative impact on their relationships. They see some false information on the Internet, such as some people show off their wealth and become envious, which will make them more prone to anxiety. During the epidemic, some children could play with mobile phones for more than ten hours, and then go to bed after twelve o’clock in the evening, which will lead to lack of sleep. Long periods of loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and insomnia can make children more prone to depression.

       The lab report tells me that children in Italy are using mobile phones more frequently during the pandemic, and that overindulging in mobile phones reduces social interaction with others. This can make us introverted and lonely. Untruthful and exaggerated information online can create anxiety for kids and teens. Excessive use of mobile phones can cause many harms to children, some medical practitioners and parents of children should take steps to limit children’s use of mobile phones to decrease their chances to get physical and mental health issues and improve their social skills.

“Children and Technology: Positive and Negative Effects”


      This article addresses the positives and negatives of technology for children. In the 1920s, some companies launched some toys, game consoles, etc. about mathematical technology, but some products had the problem of violating children’s privacy. During the pandemic, many children use mobile phones whenever they have time every day, which has a great impact on them. The advantage of using technology products such as mobile phones and computers is that it is very convenient for children to communicate with friends at any time in isolation at home. If the child is in trouble or has an urgent matter to tell others, they can make contact with others as they go. The use of technology products can also promote the improvement of children’s learning ability. Their early use of technology products allows them to learn useful knowledge that can contribute to their future success. There are also some disadvantages of using electronic products, such as obesity, bone development problems and lethargy. Children with their heads down and on their phones for long periods of time can cause bone damage, and children eat unhealthy foods while using electronic devices, which can cause them to gain weight. Playing on your phone at night without going to bed can lead to sleep deprivation and they’ll be sleepy the next morning. The rational use of technology products plays an important role in the development of children in all aspects.

      Technology can have a negative impact on children.“Sedentary activities that decrease MVPA, postpone bedtime, and disrupt sleep with electronic notifications are all part of screen time. As a result, children are more likely to become overweight, and also have more daytime drowsiness and worse academic success.” It’s relevant to my paper because it shows that excessive screen time has a bad effect on children. Playing with your phone in a fixed position for a long time can cause musculoskeletal damage. The lack of exercise leads to less energy consumption, which increases the risk of obesity. Many children eat snacks every time they use with their mobile phones. Eating some junk food for a long time and not exercising will cause the increase of body fat. lack of exercise can also lead to later bedtimes. If the kids go to bed late, this can cause them to not have enough energy to do things tomorrow. During online classes, they may want to go to bed after a while. This can cause them to not pay attention to the lecture, which can affect their academic performance.

      The article tells me that while technology has certain benefits for children, But too much screen time can take a toll on their physical health, and parents should limit the amount of time their kids spend on electronics during the pandemic. Kids can take a break after using electronics for a while. Kids can focus on other things than their phones. Parents should determine when their children use electronic products, which can reduce the negative impact of technology on children’s health.

Limone, Pierpaolo, and Giusi Antonia Toto. “Psychological and Emotional Effects of Digital

               Technology on Children in COVID-19 Pandemic.” Brain sciences vol. 11,9 1126. 25

              Aug  2021, https://doi.org/10.3390/brainsci11091126.

            This review report talks about the impact of technology on the mental health and sentiments of kids during the pandemic. Kids spend longer on their phones because kids can’t go out and play. If a child is addicted to playing mobile phones for a long time, it can easily lead to depression and anxiety. The use of electronic devices can damage the nerves of the child’s brain, which may reduce the child’s concentration and cause anxiety. The radiation generated by mobile phones may increase the possibility of children suffering from tumors. The increase of screen time will make children lack of concentration in learning, and it will also lead to emotional problems and increase the probability of diseases such as depression. However, electronic video games seem to have a positive effect on children’s psychology and emotions. Playing video games properly can reduce stress and effectively relieve children’s anxiety.

        Kids’ mental health can be benefited by playing games. Children’s cognitive abilities can also be  enhanced by playing videos games.“Video games are said to improve creativity, intelligence, and abilities, while also decreasing anxiety and depression.” This is relevant to my paper because it shows that technology can also benefit children’s mental health during a pandemic. The pandemic has affected the normal lives of children. Schools are closed and children are forced to stay home and take online classes, which affects children’s outdoor activities. During the quarantine period, children may have negative emotions in the limited space at home, which can have a noticeable impact on their psyche. When you’re feeling depressed and anxious, playing games can take your attention away. You’ll focus on completing in-game tasks, allowing you to get some relief and a temporary escape from reality. Video games can promote the development of a child’s brain. In the process of playing the game, you will think of some ways to complete the game level, which will improve  thinking ability and cognitive ability.


       The pandemic has prevented schools from opening normally. Children not only use electronic devices for online learning, but also use them to watch videos, play games, video chat with friends and classmates, and more. The increased use of electronic products has an inevitable impact on children. Before I do my research, I hope to find some examples about the advantages and disadvantages that electronic technology can bring to children in this special period. Electronic technology brings people closer together, allowing children to communicate without having to meet others. Online learning is flexible and convenient, with children repeatedly watching videos and pictures about learning. Electronic products can also be bad for children. Many children play games and neglect learning. Long-term use of electronic devices can also have some varying degrees of impact on children’s psychological development. Studies have shown that excessive use of mobile phones, computers and other products can cause them to be anxious, gain weight, suffer from cyberbullying and have a large impact on their physical health. Children’s addiction to various electronic devices at home makes them negative about physical activity. However, proper game play can improve a child’s mental health. More research is needed  on the positive effects of playing games on children’s mental health. Are the effects of gaming on children’s mental health related to age and gender? What should be the time limit for properly playing the game? These studies are important.

Unit 3 Project and Artist statement ( Week 12 – Week 14)

Final Reflection ( Week 15 – Week 16)

      This semester is coming to an end and it is my second semester at citytech. Each semester is like a book, and the learning experience fills the entire book. I’ve also made some mistakes, let’s start the discussion and reflection with one of those mistakes! I remember in week 2 we were discussing the syllabus, and the thread that I posted was “late assignment”. I posted this because I seem to have a “bad habit” of late assignments. I don’t have that issue back in high school sophomore year, because there was no pandemic at that time and all were in-person classes. But in 2020, the pandemic had breakout. Our classes became asynchronous, which is the technology brings us back to learning. Just like I mentioned in the unit 3 project, ”Technology has indeed brought many benefits to human beings. During the pandemic, technology brings us closer. ” But without management, I was getting “lazy”, plus the “addiction” of summer break, I remember that last summer break I was addicted to games every day, which caused me not to “Adapting” to class, It can related to my unit 2 topic, “how does technology affect children during the pandemic”. One quote that I can use from my writing is: “Excessive gaming has a negative impact on children’s psychological and social aspects”. Although I’m not a child anymore, hehehehe. But it’s true to be honest. But I think it over, is it really just because I was not “Adapting” in class? I think there is a reason. Many times, due to the lack of firm will and lack of clear goals, assignments that should have been completed by the due date were deferred until the weekend, and my biology class is kind of the same issue, resulting in a lot of knowledge that should be learned not reviewed, Naturally, these deficiencies will be revealed on exams. In order to avoid this “bad habit”, I have chosen to take an English class during the summer break, I’m serious and no kidding! pressure gives motivation! I guess it will make my summer break more abundant, and another purpose is for credit.

      Anyway, I had made some mistakes but learned a lot, like I said, each semester is like a book, and the learning experience fills the entire book. One thing I learned is that revision is necessary, you see that every time we do an essay or project, we have to revise it. Last semester, my first semester as a freshman, my English class was basically essay, essay, essay, but it was normal because it was about writing, but what annoyed me was revision, and most of the time we have to revise twice, which is insane for me and I don’t get it what is the point? Back in high school, I have no experience in revising the essay, the instructor didn’t ask for it, basically, just turn it in when it was done. Talking about revision, reminded me of an article we read a few months ago, “ShItty first draft”. In the article, the writer mentions that “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere. Start by getting something — anything — down on paper. A friend of mine says that the first draft is the down draft — you just get it down. The second draft is the up draft — you fix it up. You try to say what you have to say more accurately. And the third draft is the dental draft, where you check every tooth, to see if it’s loose or cramped or decayed.” In terms of writing, revision is the last process of writing and the perfect stage of the article, but in general, revision runs through the entire writing process and revision is an important way to improve writing ability.

      Peer review is helpful, peers give feedback from the perspective of readers and writers. We give each other feedback to help each other improve our writing skills and it told me about some problems that I made, the unit 3 project that I did, I saw a comment from Luis that the info was crowded, which is true, especially the third slide.

      I was able to learn a lot from this class and improved my writing skills. Of course, reflection is always necessary. When we reflect and have new inspiration, it is necessary to write a reflection, which can improve our writing level. The knowledge learned will be used in my next English class, which is during the summer break.

Time Capsule ( Week 1 – Week 16)