Journal Research Report :)

The person that I chose to talk about in this report is Jackson Alves. He is a Brazilian Graphic Designer and Typographer that does a lot of awesome work. Alves also teaches other people in workshops how to create there own fonts and how to design them properly. Most of his work is creating custom exclusive lettering to different clients around the world. By looking through his work, his lettering designs looks so awesome when they are hand done.

Jackson Alves work hand done work is mostly in use of Quill pens because creates a much cleaner look to his design will inking. I can’t take the image out, but if you click here, this is what he does when he needs to make a vector version of his type. He adds a letter cut with a number line to make it look more efficient.

Now, there is this project that Alves has done for the Editora Mol ( it is a big company of drugstores in Brazil), to create an overlay of his lettering on the map of Brazil. The way his font look, the way it felt, was very cool, relaxed, and tropical. The feel of his design describe Brazil from his own eyes because it is his homeland.

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