5 Family type font





The reason why this is an Modern style is because the serifs are completely angled from the font. There is no curve in it for it to be lets say a old style or a transitional. Through the strokes of each letter is most of the time squared off.




The reason why this is a slab serif is because each bracket are very bulky and the strokes of he font are very thick also.



The reason why this font is a san serif because the font does not contain any serifs.


I think the reason that this would be Old Style is because that strokes are a lot thicker than old style and the brackets on the corners of the H are more angled looking other than Transition which have more of a curve to its brackets.



The reason why I think this would be Transitional because the strokes are a lot thinner than transitional and brackets look more sculpted than the Old style.


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