When I was in Dominican Republic I was finishing my senior year. I was only a few months away from graduation and my family decided to move to USA. When I enrolled into high school at Manhattan Bridges High School I was held back to a sophomore. I was taking freshman, sophomore, and junior classes at the same time. When regents week came along I had no idea what was going on. Everyone, students and teachers had pity for me when they saw my regents schedule. With only 4 months in the country I was scheduled to take six regents; math, U.S. history, global history, living environment, English, and Spanish. Out of the six I only failed English with a 61 which I later on took again and passed with a 86. To me this experience was a great achievement because with no knowledge of any of the classes I managed to pass all my classes, tests, accumulate all the credits I needed to graduate and graduate with a regents diploma and AP credits.