Portfolio Assignment #1

In this case statement I came up with an online program that would replace CUNY’s blackboard’s system. It was hard to come up with an idea from scratch but I think I overcame that and made a good case statement.



Portfolio Assignment #2

As a designer I am expected to know a wide variety of skills and communication vehicles while keeping the same foundation. In this portfolio piece I am describing my experience as a designer and how important it is. I make a great job at pointing out the key role of designers in our society and life in general.



Portfolio Assignment #3

In this portfolio case we were asked to write a cover letter and resume. It was a bit challenging for me to write a good cover letter since I didn’t have much experience. The resume was something I’ve done before so I felt comfortable.



Portfolio Assignment #4

This portfolio piece was left up to us to decide a topic. I decided to write about an issue in my high school where the female students are transferring school because their educational expectations are not met. I am proud of this piece and I hope you find it as interesting as I do.