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  1. Damian Robinson Post author

    The Achiever Personae
    The Achiever Personae is what a person has done during their career or on the job that is recognized by others as an achievement. It has nothing to do with education credentials, the IQ of the individual and personality.
    A professional achiever is a perfectionist he/she strive for the best at all times. A professional achiever work above and beyond what is required to get satisfactory results. A professional achiever volunteers his/her time to a project without considering getting paid. A professional achiever has an impact on others out of there recognized field.
    My achiever personae is my perfectionist attitude. I don’t move on until I get the job done properly. I am motivated to do project that are difficult to do and that takes a lot of time to accomplish. At work I have been ask by managers many times over to do a task that I am not assigned to do or supposed to be doing. When special project comes up at work I am the first to be called and ask if I want to tackle it. My fellow coworkers are always asking for help from me with their assigned work when they find it difficult to do. I can remember once I was offered a position by an employer because of how I did my duties.

  2. Damian Robinson Post author

    Performance Base Hiring:
    Performance base hiring is a process that identify individuals who are seeking employment and have a different mix of skills than listed on the traditional skills based job description. What I am saying is not because a person has all the skills and ability listed on a Job description board, it does not mean that the person is competent and motivated to do the required work.
    I know a list of skills, experiences, degrees, and personality traits is not a job description it is a person description. Meaning the person must possessed these skills in order to be considered for the job.
    I personally want to be an agricultural farmer. I have planted acres of crops before and have successful yields. I have been an agricultural farmer for decades now and I have experience what improper farming technique has done to crops and farm lands and I have practiced method that will counter the effects of improper farming.
    If I see a position at the Department of Agriculture seeking to hire farmers with a list of experiences, degrees, and personality traits to get the job I would immediately consider myself ineligible. Because I don’t have a degree, neither did I go to agricultural school, I don’t have the personality traits they are looking for either. But without me fitting into their job description I know I am able to do the job based on my accomplishment as a farmer. Using past performance as a predictor of on the job success makes far more sense than box checking skills.


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