James Levin visit

Today, a professional life coach James Levin came to speak to the class. In 1980 Levin made his own photography/art studio. He worked with many large companies including, AT&T. He has also had many books published. He has also won creative awards. He produced and directed shoots. All until he got a surgery that completely changed his career path. He began helping creative professionals prepare for jobs. From there came, Job Search Therapy.

There were many important points that Levin brought up including, “do what you love for a living,” There is close to nothing more important in the working world than to do so. Another important point that he brought up, which he defined as the “key ingredient” was, to move forward. After everything that may occur.

Levin also gave a lot of great tips when going to an interview. He said, “be heard when given the opportunity.” Getting the interview is the huge step so make sure to make an impression. Even if you were to be going into an interview that you don’t truly care to receive the job for, going through interviews is practice. The more you of it, the more comfortable you will become. Always, always, always ask questions in an interview! Show them your interest. Always be sure to let them know, you will be adding value into the company by them hiring you.

Today, James Levin visits 7 universities while also helping others prepare their resumes and look for jobs. The main thing I learned, besides the many helpful tips, was to prepare for your interviews. To know what I’m going to ask when I am in my interview. Prepare my resume to fit the position. I learned to overall, make my voice be heard.