Month: March 2018

My Visual Quote

When I was thinking about what image fit my quote. i want to strengthen the idea of light and dark and that is when i thought about wings like for a bird or an angel. So I made one wing that is dark and the second is white. the font is use was Bodoni 72 small-caps Book. I wanted to show the serious of this quote how people fall to their inner darkness while some chose the good side.

For this one I wanted to appear to an older audience that they can understand the meaning behind the quote. Most people always compare there personality in reference to the sun and moon. The sun almost always give off the idea of good and pureness as for the moon. the moon is usually represent darkness. many people think that when the moon phases are how your heart is succumb to the darkness inside of you. The font I use was American Typewriter to show the time and history of how people interpret the good and the bad.

For my final visual quote. I want to use the idea of libra or some people remember the symbol of balance with the image of a scale. So found several images of a scale until i came across this one. the way how the how the color show the difference between light and dark was the colors blue for good and red for evil. the font I use was Trajan Color to give an ancient look to the image. the yellow is a good balance of color for the image. the reason why i chose this quote was that i believe that everyone one has light and dark inside but the path you take can lead to bright path or a path of complete darkness. In todays society it is hard to determine was good and what is bad. many people are surrounded by people that can influence you to help you decided on what path you should take.

My Banner

It is a Manhole cover with a Dr in the middle and around it has texture with the words Rodriguez Design and New York City at the bottom

Manhole DR

This is my banner and it is a design of a manhole cover that has my initials in the middle and surrounding it say Rodriguez design and at the bottom it says New York City. The way I got to this idea that i wanted to do a manhole cover was that I saw someone paint on the floor a fake manhole cover on the street. It was amazing that is when it hit me that I would do something similar by combing my skills on photoshop and try to add my fascinations of graffiti art. I use the initials from logo and place it at the center of the manhole cover. I research a lot about manhole covers. I mainly focus on manhole covers in New York. when I finish my cover I was amaze by how similar it look to a normal cover.

My Logo Design

it is a round logo in the middle is the initials DR.

Daniel Rodriguez Logo

My reason for creating my logo was that I wanted to express myself. When I thinking how to make a my logo the first thing that pop into my head was a stamp. I always amaze by stamps especially the Monogram or Initial Wax Seal Stamp. So first decided to us my Initial which is DR the only downside was my initial is similar to people who are doctors. For my initial i want to be different from a simple D and R that is when it hit me that I should look for graffiti letters. once i found my Graffiti D&R I wanted to make them merge because separated doesn’t feel creative. For a while I struggle but  I was able to to merge them so good that the appear the R grew out of the D. once that was done i want to make my logo look like a stamp so I made a circle around my initial. when i first look at it was still simple that is when i got the idea to use hexagons to give the illusions of a sun. Then I would make another circle to show where it stops. For the color I wanted to show cold to warm colors I started with light blue and stop at red because I saw a video that someone made a tie dye wax seal which look so colorful.