Darius Richards Blog

Journal 1

At my internship, the company I work for is called RPGA studios. The company rents out a studio space located in long island city at 43-01 22nd street, suite 252. RPGA studio is a non-profit public company that used art, education, design, and technology to address community issues. Their clients are private and public schools and queens’ civilians. RPGA receives funding to teach students about CAD programs towards the winter and spring, and promote CC3DP projects for the schools to create, compete and network with each other. Owner, Yvonne Shortt, founded this company in 2006. Some successful projects they have established were creating a board game called “Pedestrian Penguin” designed to save lives, 3D printing to focus on building creativity and innovation in kids, and u virtual reality to promote awareness in conserving our community. My position in this company is Graphic Design. The task they’ve been given me related to that field is post production, animation, marketing tactics, networking through community outreach events, and research.

In these articles it basically explains RPGA involvement in the community, and that the company encourages people in the community to work together to keep the streets clean. It explains how they partner with local company’s to create events through creative techniques to teach our community how important it is for us to play our part in keeping society green.




Some of their work : Card game for transportation safety, revitalizing mural, and Garbage basketball.