My name is Doris Fong and I am a hospitality student at the New York City College of Technology. I am passionate and driven to become a event planner or in hotels. I have great dedication and a will to never give up. I want to provide the best possible experience and I truly mean it. I can over deliver and ensure the guest had a fantastic experience and not just a typical stay. I have qualities that make me unique and different from other people.

My background includes working with food and beverage and customer service. Most recently, I worked as a manager at Maid Café NY. This is the only maid café in New York originating from Japan. I have ranked up from being a server to overseeing the establishment. My responsibilities include management of the daily day to day production, training and motivating, and providing exceptional delivery service.

Previously I have worked at Mulan Restaurant as a hostess and customer service representative. I have planned and discussed parties with clients for ranging types of parties. I greeted guests warmly and kindly ensuring they have a wonderful stay. I consistently catered to guests and inquiries, doing my best to make sure they are welcome.

I am hard working, motivated and always aim to make the guest happy. I hope to pursue my career goals and build upon my achievements in the industry.

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