Video Project



For this assignment, we were asked to interview someone about how COVID19 affected their life. So for this I decided to interview my mom, Valerie, who is an essential worker. For this assignment we were given three options to edit our videos with. I chose Adobe Premiere Rush because it was the least intimidating to me. Even though Rush was the easiest for me to figure out, there were some difficulties. One difficulty for me was figuring out the right second to cut the video. If I cut too early or too late, I ended up cutting a piece of info, but luckily all I had to do was press redo. Another difficulty was having smooth transitions between slides. I had wanted the slides with the questions to transition a little slower to give time for the viewer to read them, but I couldn’t figure out how to slow them down. Other than that, this was a great learning experience. I learned how to cut a video where you want and place certain clips where you want. I also learned how to place music and not have it over power the speaker in the video. So I definitely can’t wait to try this again.

McDonald’s Logo Research Assignment

Everybody knows when they see that big, yellow “M’, what brand that is. The brand is so popular they don’t even have to have a name of it on the logo all the time. The brand logo I’m talking about is McDonald’sMcDonald’s was founded in 1937 by Patrick McDonald. The original name of the company was The Airdome, but in 1940 Patrick McDonald’s sons, Richard and Maurice, renamed it McDonald’s after they relocated the restaurant from Monrovia, CA to San Bernardino, CA.

After relocating, the brothers had great success, so they decided to remodel. The brothers hired the architect Stanley Meston to execute their vision. Meston came up with the idea of a walk-up hamburger stand with red and white tiles and a very sloped roof, but Richard want a little something more and ended up sketching the famous golden arches we know today. However, Meston had rejected the idea so the sign maker, George Dexter, was hired to make the arches. After they were constructed, they noticed that if you looked from a certain angle, the arches looked like an ‘M’.

In 1961, a man named Ray Kroc took over the business and he designed a new logo with the help of Jim Schindler and Fred Turner. They did this by incorporating the two arches from the original architectural design and combining them to make the letter ‘M’ with and arrow going through.  He also put the name of the company under the ‘M’. The arrow going through the ‘M’ represented the slanted roof of the original architecture. The colors Golden Yellow and Red are the primary colors used in the logo design. The Golden Yellow represents the arches from the first franchise of the restaurant and the color Red represents the food industry. The font used for the ‘M’ is the McLawsuit font which was designed by Jesse Burgheimer to imitate it. The font used for McDonald’s is the typeface Lovin’ Sans which was customized from the Colfax font by Leo Burnett and Brian Loehr.

Ever since its conception, the logo has been a big help for the brand. When you’re on the street the logo could be noticeable from far away. The bright yellow and  red colors make the brand inviting and enticing, especially when you see an ad on tv. The brand uses the logo and color all over. The ‘M’ is all over the packaging and it really stands out against the red of the carton that holds the fries. They also place the logo on the uniforms of their workers. Even though the logo has also gone through some changes, the brand hasn’t strayed from its signature Golden arches because at the end of the day, it works.


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Visual Quote Project

For this project I chose the song My Skin My Logo by Solange Knowels. The title is also a line in the song. The reason I designed these postcards this way is because being Black is a big part of her art.

For this typographic design, I used the brown stripes to represent different skin tones. For the word ‘skin’, I used the Almaq Rough typeface because it looks almost skin like. For the word ‘logo’ I used the BackspacerOT Round font because the type looks like it be a logo.

For this design with the photo, I chose the picture because it showed different skin tones also. I also reused the same type faces from the typographic design, for the same reasons stated earlier.