How I got here

Searching for an Internship was hard. I had decided pretty late the year. Many internships I was interested in had already filled up and were no longer accepting interns. There was also the fact I was taking another summer class, which limited the distance that I could look for an internship. I did a lot of research on internships that would work for me. I gave out my resume to the few likely places I could be hired, I never heard back from any of them and I was running out of time. I ended up asking the professor for help and she game me the contact info for Angelica Velazquez, the director of IFCC. She had design interns from CityTech before and knew how the class worked and knew how may hours I needed. She was also willing to work with my availability. We ended up having a phone conversation at first, it wasn’t really an interview but it felt like one. After the phone call we went back and forth through emails till Angelica decided that there was enough design work to be done that a design student would be needed. Angelic asked me to come in and she gave me a tour of IFCC and explained their objective. I started the next week, my job was mostly designing fliers for events to recruit informal providers. I also did a lot of redesigning of info packets, fliers and presentations that hadn’t been changed in years. I also helped in other branches of PDI since I was the only available design intern in the institute at the time.