View From My Window:Research

This will be my research: view from my window. At the first glence what attracted me is the telegraph pole. This is the wood pillars and tilts. I always felt like it is this might fell one day. There are a lot of wires on the pole, every wire is strait hanging in the sky. Look down from the window there are a yard of plant. My family planted those. There are many kind of plants such as sunflower, elliptic small tomato,and rosemaries;ect. Some will be wrapped around a stick up for plants to grow. These plants make me feel life is full of color. also look  out of my window is Kissena Blvd. Many cars go back and froth, it is nonstop action. the sound makes me feel new york never goes to sleep.


Juxtaposition: noun

Definition:  the act or an instance of placing two or more things side by side; also  :  the state of being so placed.


I found this word from my project#2 overlapping New York direction handout. This word is very important in my project#2 because I Need to use this word to describe the location.

Now, I understand this word: In the same place with different angle to observe, it will have different feel  this is called juxtaposition.


Field Trip Reflection

Throughout our trip on September 22 I have been to the Center for Book Arts. I knew about the history of printing. Printing steps was very complicated once. But now, as technology advanced, the print has become the people’s general office supplies, because the printing operation is very simple nowadays. It makes me feel very lucky because I lived in an age of science and technologies are developed. Then I went to┬áRubin Museum.┬áIt is about Indian┬áculture and art. To be honest Even through I do not quilt understand the artwork, but I like artwork there because it helped me feel the breath of ancient. Overall this is an interesting day!!!