Summary for The Boston photographs

Ephron, Nora in October 1975, wrote “The Boston photographs”. This article was talking about whether the photo of the dead can be published in the newspaper or it shouldn’t. Stanley Forman took a picture for a fire escape. He took three pictures of the dead woman. These photos were published by many newspapers stations. It caused a very big scene. The reasons were many readers had a bad response about this. They thought it is violated the privacy of the dead: people reject death. People refuse to publish copse in many places (the writer in the article illustrates may examples). The writer illustrates the views of many opponents. Then he wrote one to illustrates his own view. The writer thought death happens to be one of life’s main event, so all people should to face up it. In the other hand article and picture of a news than more controversy, this suggests that the picture is worth than the article. Obviously, the writer support the photos that were published.

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