ENG 3771 Achiever Personae

Achiever Personae

          An achiever persona is who motivate, talent and flexibility to solve the problem and get the job done successfully.  In specifically, an achiever personae need to have all of the traits: talent, management, team skills, thinking skills, and motivation.  Talent is comprised the level of technical competence and the ability to apply this knowledge to complete tasks and handle job related challenges.  Management is including the time management, organization and planning, discipline, and meeting deadlines on consistent basics.  Team skills, it can show how the person work with others.  Thinking skill is considering the person how to accomplish a task or to figure out how to solve a job related problem, and the person will make the best decision.  The motivation is the important for the job, if people have highly motivation doing any type of work in any type of situation and can successfully to finish the job.  In addition, an achiever person can easily to get early promotion or special award or bonus, or being assigned to the toughest client or the most difficult technical challenge.

        Right now, I still need to learn more skills and get improve to be achiever personae.  For my future career, I need to learn how to be good at time management, learn how to organize the job.  In addition, I still need to learn teamwork skill, how to participate or work with others people, and learn how to have a good relationship with them.  Before I do everything, I should think how to finish it successfully and solve the problem.  Also motivation is important for me, I should keep myself in motivation when I going to do everything.

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