ENG3771-E348 Performance based Hiring

ENG3771-E348  Performance based Hiring

Performance based Hiring means that the outcomes need to be achieved by the person who get hired.  It find out the performance result and compares them to the requirements of the position for which candidates are being sought.  It can uncover the motivation and drive of the individual, not only focus in the people’s technical skills or experience.  It determines how people think and how people solve problem.  That can reveals people’s flexibility and how they relate to others.  It can see how people get the things done.

According to Performance based Hiring, of course, I need to have the technical skill or technique as my background to find a job that is match with my skill.  Also, I need to train myself how to solve the problem flexibly and have a good relation with my colleagues.  If I go find a job, I need to do the research first, it can make me understand what company that I am applying; what position that iam going to doing; and if my technical skill can be quirlify for the job.  Doing this kind of the research can make myself have more confidence for the interview.  Also, I have to make a clare resume to introduce myself and get the chance for the interview.  During the interview, especially in the presentation, I need to control myself and don’t let myself fall in nervous.  Once I get nervous, I need to know how to get rid of it and let myself have the confidence to finish the interview.  .

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