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  • Developing Rubrics
    This article is collecting articles and online resources about Rubrics. In the distance learning environment, having a fair and effective rubric is becoming more important to evaluate open-ended assignments. 1.What is Rubrics A description guideline that helps students and instructors grade the qualities of learning outcomes of students for the open-ended assignment. 2.Types of Rubrics … Continue reading Developing Rubrics
  • Coronavirus can become a topic of problem-based learning.
    This morning, I found an article, “How can we help one another during the Coronavirus outbreak?”. The author started with a question. “In a time of anxiety and social distancing, what can we do to look out for one another?” This question itself can be a good starting point of problem-based learning. I am teaching … Continue reading Coronavirus can become a topic of problem-based learning.
  • Over 30 Virtual Field Trips for Education
    Visit google docs
  • OpenRocket
    This is open source & free software that can design, simulate, and test rockets. Visit OpenRocket
  • FoilSim Software – Aerodynamics Virtual Lab
    FoilSim This virtual lab tool is aligned with national math & science standards to instruct the principles of aerodynamics through virtual lab. It is a free-software. Java installation & setting is required. Go to FoilSim page