Carol Diamond |D054 |Spring 2023

Britney B : Project 6 Final – Flag


For our final project we had to create a personal flag. I started thinking of ideas and things that have a meaning to me. I am a family person and enjoy spending my time with my family. I had chosen to add the leafs to represent each person in my family, every leave is different because that leave represents them and their personality. It gave it the idea of a family tree but instead of being a tree it were the leafs. I used the color blue and the different values in blue because blue represents loyalty, confidence, faith trust and stability. Which is what I and my family have. I’m just a positive person and someone who has a genuine heart. Without them I wouldn’t be who I am now. Which is another reason why In my flag I added the stairs to show that I will always have that ambitious. To continue to grow and never look down. To continue going up the stairs for new things and growing.

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  1. caroldiamond

    Wonderful project, in the process and the final piece. Your sentiments come through, and you did research and communication of your ideas through intentional color and design choices. Thanks for all the hard work this semester, you did a great job.

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