Carol Diamond |D054 FALL 2023

Ruth Wright’s Line Project

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  1. Ruth Wright


    So, we were doing a line mashup based on a song of our choice. The song I picked was “Her Light” by Cleo Sol. There are several instrumental combos and vocal tricks she does that kind of blend together as well so that’s what motivated the squiggles and dots, while the curves kind of represent the melody and instrumental backing. Then the bigger the straight line, the louder she sings the lyric “Her Light.” The song itself feels very free so I wasn’t strict with my lines at all. 

    I enjoyed this project because it helped me put what I heard on paper. I always see images and stuff in my mind when I’m listening to music but I never know how to accurately explain what the images are so being able to draw it and create a whole design based on it tickled something in my brain. This was a really fun project for me.

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