This is my final design for my personal flag. I focused more on the colors and movements in this piece because of what it represents. The blue signifies water. I made it to signify water because water can be very smooth and calm or very rough and aggressive. Just like life. The green represents nature, freedom, and survival. Hense why it’s a muddy/algae green color to it. The nature aspect of the piece is because of how much I enjoy being outside. It doesn’t matter if it be for sports or just to walk and relax. The freedom is because the color green usually means “yes” and/or “go.” Giving freedom to do as you please. The pink peachy color is a smooth relaxing color to me, it always has been. What it means is that even when life is hard and everything is against you, you have to find inner peace and stay calm to push through it all. The little red dot means all the anger, hatred, and frustration. the colors swerving around it means that the anger is being focused and used to do everything else and not let it consume me. Everything is pushing up against the dark gray and burgundy colors which represent all the doubt, fears and insecurities. Through the piece you see some parts have a bit of burgundy and gray, what that means is the bad things sometime start to take over and there is a battle between the good and bad.