In this project I learned how to be consistent and patient. It also taught me how to paint/use different size brushes even if I don’t like that brush. It taught me how to posturize a self portrait using grayscale which is something I’ve never done. The videos helped a lot when it came to the painting because they focused on shadows and lighting. 

I believe that I could’ve finish the painting a little sooner if I didn’t focus so much on trying to catch every little detail on the tracing paper and the Bristol paper. The hardest part of the entire project for me was the painting. Especially when I’d run out of paint, and had to start mixing again. Sometimes I couldn’t get the same shade or tone as before even though I put the same amount of paint from both colors as before. If I applied an ounce of extra pressure to the brush then the line wouldn’t be straight, or the paint in that area would be lighter and thinner than the rest.