The plushies, cables, and mini trash can have different tones of white and gray. When the saturation is put all the way down to show grayscale only, you can see the difference lighting makes. If the light is yellow it would make the undertone of the scene or object yellowish.

The train station is 59 st Columbus Circle just when it’s not packed. This was on Tuesday, September 7th. Before middle and high school kids start their classes. Since college starts earlier and most kids aren’t in school yet or at school at this time, there isn’t anyone there. I also took this photo to show someone I was meeting where I was.

The cityscape is a photo out my window. To me, it looks really dark, and hard to tell where the building is in the chromatic photo because the buildings blended in with the sky. But once it was put into grayscale I could see clearly every building and light.