Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Value Portraits

This project was a way for me to recognize how different shades worked within a portrait. Whether that being a hand or face portrait, 5 different value levels stood out that made my portrait stand together. Using photoshop after a long time made me revisit a feature I used back in high school, and it felt nice to use a program that I already had experience in. Some aspects I could’ve done better with in this project is the use of my values when painting, it is much different than the actual portrait, and has less shading as well. I’ll update this post soon to include the completed final product and my notes.

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  1. carol Diamond

    hi Gabriel, keep going with the Value portrait. I’m glad you posted the full project in progress. Looks like you may be painting on sketch paper so it’s rippling, rather than Bristol paper? that will limit the final effect, but keep pushing those middle values and use smaller brushes slowly to get clear edges.

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