Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Lizbeth Vargas’ Project 2: Pattern Mashup

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Project 2: Pattern Mashup taught me to create patterns from memory but also from observation of other past examples and real-life patterns and textures. It was fun to research patterns in real life and find that there are textures all around us that we can transfer on tracing paper. This helped me come up with my final design based on the song I was listening to when doing the listen and draw. I saw the patterns and textures in listening and draw. From Project 1 to Project 2 I have been less fearful and free in my drawings. I would try and experiment with different patterns and textures and switch it up for the delivery based on what fits with the song and unifies with the rest of the patterns and textures. In the next project, I will do research, brainstorm, choose photos from the multiple photos taken, and be on time.




I was listening to Sticker by NCT 127. It isn’t a favorite song. This was actually the first time I ever heard this song. It is very repetitive and energetic. I use big strokes, fast lines, and different loops whenever the beat changed when they added an instrument or removed it and when it slowed down. I smudged the paint because the flute was very sharp. The strings were very electric and they went in and out throughout the song. These observations made me clearly see possible patterns such as loops, crosshatching, checkerboard and, illusions. This is a song made for working out. The song is probably about how confident they are and they want to brag about it.

NCT 127 Sticker


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  1. caroldiamond

    I really appreciate and enjoy how you take on each phase of the design process fully, so this makes your work intelligent and kind of multifaceted. The communication and the form it takes. The patterns and layout have lightness and also depth and energy. I would perhaps have separated blocks with repeating design to alternate the rhythms.

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