Carol Diamond | HD08 | Fall 2021

Curious Compositions

This project was very interesting. There were basic things I had to redo and relearned like measuring. I kept on making errors with the measurements for the final project, I had not done so quiet a while as silly as that sounds and I also learned new concepts and their meanings. For example, in the beginning of the project I had a difficult time understanding the term ambiguous and drawing a thumbnail for it. However, now I believe I understand it a lot better now including measuring. This was a very unique project which was fun to try, I never made thumbnails until now this was a nice experience.


  1. caroldiamond

    Hi Massiel, This does look very strong and a thorough process, well done and described. Please add the final piece, which I just saw on Milanote- really caps off a good learning arc. Willingness to redo work is key to achievement and learning. Good job. REally like the final pieces.

    • Massiel

      Thank you professor!

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