About The Project

                             Fashion Show Broadcast


I have worked on shows and worked on broadcasts However, I was always a small part of things and I have never created a show and designed one. With that being said, I want to do a Live Show, recording, and live stream broadcast of a show. The show I will be doing the live stream for is the SGA Fashion show on May, 4th 2018.

The Process

Designing the system will be the first step, it will make the process easier and there will be more time for working on the content of the show and making it good. Next, I will have to do research and adjust my system accordingly. I will research how to do a livestream broadcast and how to properly mic for recording. This is something I have never done before so it will be a good research project as well as a good way to test and find out what I really know. Once I find out what I need to do for the technical aspect of this project I can build and test the system. There will be an extensive test that I will do to test what microphones sound best for the talent. Using the Voorhees Theatre and the equipment in 014 I think I can get this done.       




For this show what is the best way to do a livestream? I believe that using the schools equipment and black magic ATEM switcher, I can add another level of production to the school. Livestreaming is a good way to expand the viewing audience of a show and add an alternative experience to a live show.



  • Livestream
  • Recording of the show
  • Something the future Tech production students can do


Equipment List



  • ATEM Production Switcher
  • 5 Cameras ( Any one of the cameras from the studio will do )
  • HDBT TX and RX
  • Projector
  • 2 HDMI Splits
  • 6 HDMI Monitors
  • ATEM Control PC
  • Multitrack recording PC
  • Whitelisted Livestream PC
  • Playback PC


    ( Changes will be made once more research is done on how to do a Livestream I.E OVS blackmagic SOFTWARE  )