Blog #12

Ever since I started interning here at ASAP I have been part of our Student Engage Committee, or our Student Engagement Team. Everyone in the committee calls it the FUN committee. So while also working on the posts/animation I part take in weekly meetings with either everyone in the committee or just the head of the committee. Which is one of our own advisors Kelly Carmon who has taken on the role of figuring out how to engage our students and lower their stress that can accumulate during the semester. Kelly gave me and our designers the role to design the Escape room that was to happen during our Halloween event. It was our main attraction for the event besides the food. We took on the role of figuring out how to decorate and how to possible frighten 20 year olds. So we decided that we should focus more on the lore of the escape room and the riddles mixed into the escape room. We came up with 12 questions which were rotated based on which group would be attending the event. I used MAYA to create a small version to give an idea of how it should look when we go decorate on the day of the event itself. We used props and turned off all the lights in the basement of our building. Gave each group a limited amount of flashlights. We stood and tried to help our students solve the riddles within the 10 minutes that they were given. By using MAYA to give me an idea of how to light the basement made it perfect for creating the dark areas in the basement. Unfortunately we simply turned off all of the lights and let the students do the work with lighting. The escape room was focused on education while also focusing on Marvel. So the setting and story based around the escape room was Marvel themed, while the riddles and answers were educational while mixing in the infinity stones from the marvel movies. It turned out to be a huge success and our students really enjoyed their time there. So I am glad I was able to integrate MAYA into this escape room. I also dressed up with a plague doctor mask to engage the students and further the idea of the spooky darkness that they were about to enter.