Company Culture

Hello classmates, I’m happy to say things are going well. The culture of the organization includes diversity and inclusion for all. They aim to assist all people living under the poverty line, regardless of citizen status, an opportunity to better themselves through education, legal services, health, and housing, to name a few. This week a few of the interns and I joined a zoom-like call with the Chairperson. He told us some exciting plans the organization is going to start to implement. They plan to expand into other regions of the world and will seek more leadership roles from interns. Additionally, they also want to implement group projects and collaborations among members. He invited our ideas and reminded us we are valuable members of the organization.

The internship is virtual and will continue being for at least another year due to the pandemic. However, the company seems casual, and I envision employees working in casual clothing. My typical workday involves receiving an assignment from my supervisor. I then change the status of the project from new to in progress on the company app. The average due times have been between 3-7 days, depending on the project. Once I have designs ready, I email them to my supervisor. She may complete the project or give me feedback for revisions. She is supportive, makes me feel valued, and is available if I am unclear of what I need to do.

My last project went well, and I received excellent feedback. I was assigned hats to design for the company to sell on their website. They are expanding their merchandise. At first, I was unsure how I would create hats since I never have before. I did a little research to find inspiration. I designed about ten hats and mocked them up. The mock-up designs are below. After I submitted the initial designs, I was told to combine the company globe emblem. I am excited to find out which hat idea they will sell. If they post it to the site before the class ends, I will let you know.

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