My Company Role

Things at the internship are going well. There is no micromanaging, and I have the freedom to complete tasks on my terms within a timeline. I work in the Communications Marketing Department as a Digital and Design Associate. My supervisor is a Director in Communications and Marketing. She is helpful, provides feedback on my projects, and I excel because of it.

A helpful Prof. at my college helped me find the internship opportunity. I called her a few weeks beforehand, and we spoke about my skills and interests. Other than the internship, I am taking two classes, and I have a job. I wanted to find an internship with work flexibility so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed this summer. The organization is a perfect fit for me.

I had an unofficial interview for the position. I received a call from the chairman a few hours after I sent him my introduction email. Over the phone, he explained the goals of the organization, and what my tasks will entail. The Chairperson did most of the talking, and I was not asked many questions. I emphasized I have a passion for helping members who reside in underserved communities. That is the primary focus of the organization. He offered me the opportunity on the spot and asked me to start right away. I agreed to begin the following Monday so I could finish the spring semester without any distractions.

This week, I worked on an article layout and design. It was a fun task for me. I enjoy using InDesign and just completed a Publication Design course and learned a lot about page layout. It is a challenge to fit the text, images, and other information on a page in a visually appealing way. I am also a stickler for widows and orphans. (look it up) I have included the designs I did for this project. I try to make two versions of each concept for added variety.

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