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Grolier Club Exhibition

The Grolier Club is a private club and society of bibliophiles in New York City. Founded in January 1884, it is the oldest existing bibliophilic club in North America.
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The Grolier Club has a program of public exhibitions which “treat books and prints as objects worthy of display

• May 17 – July 29, 2017. “The Revival of Calligraphy: 1906 to 2006.”

Calligraphy is an art with a long and noble history, going back many centuries and spanning cultures. No major museum exhibition of Persian art, or Asian art, or even Medieval Western art would be considered complete without examples of calligraphy from these cultures.

. This show major calligraphic art by over 70 Western artists from 1906-2006, demonstrating how alive – even thriving – the art is in the West in the computer age. Lenders include Letterform Archive, San Francisco, CA; the Richard Harrison Collection of Calligraphy & Lettering, San Francisco Public Library; and several private collectors. Jerry Kelly, an award-winning book designer, type designer, typographer, and calligrapher, has organized the exhibition and selected the works on view.


The Club’s stated objective is “the literary study of the arts pertaining to the production of books, including the occasional publication of books designed to illustrate, promote and encourage these arts; and the acquisition, furnishing and maintenance of a suitable club building for the safekeeping of its property, wherein meetings, lectures and exhibitions shall take place from time to time ..

Collections and program

The Grolier Club maintains a research library specializing in books, bibliography and bibliophily, printing (especially the history of printing and examples of fine printing), binding, illustration and bookselling. The Grolier Club has one of the more extensive collections of book auction and book seller catalogs in North America. 

The Grolier Club | 47 East 60th Street | New York, NY 10022 | (212) 838-6690

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