3 thoughts on “TypeTalk 6 FINAL

  1. Profile photo of Nusrat HossainNusrat Hossain

    I LOVED the site. I think its very creative. As a portfolio site it really shows what he can do with his complex Fibonacci spiral yet it is easy to follow because of the use of grid and san-serif type. Awesome color palate. Use of white space made it easier to navigate throughout the page with the information being in a pattern. “WARNING: Do not proceed if you suffer from vertigo or find experimental interfaces offensive. More accessible version.” this was interesting. I think it is super cool and effective in terms of it’s purpose.

  2. Dionne Ong

    In terms of design, I love the layout, but the functionality could be better. I think being a designer is not only about making things look good, the products should be user-friendly and effective to get people where they need to be and what they need to do, this website looks cool but could improve on the user experience aspect.

  3. Profile photo of antoinetteantoinette

    I like the concept, layout, and design of the website. The grid like design is so simple and straight forward that it correlates nicely with the clockwise navigation


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