Project 5 Homework Due May 12

“2427 Eats” Website Homepage Design
First Drafts Initial Layouts Due May 12

Create a static homepage layout  mockup for the
2427 Eats Publication
Create two initial homepage design sketches using
1200 px x 900 px


This will be a site to promote  the 2427 Publication and content.  Users should  know where to look at and what the site is immediately. With typography hierarchy, layout, you can guide users in the direction you want them go.

Remember design principles such as alignment, proportion and white space when working with type.
Type is more effective than anything else to get  your message across on the web .

Graphics images can support and enhance layout  icons too, but communication happens mostly via the copy content.

Part 1
Research some examples of website restaurant guide pages
Post four examples to new OpenLab post.
name post: “last name Firstname Project 5”,  tag it Project 5.

Part 2
Create a page layout that represents the design of your website. The layout should include text, images, and navigation.
Use your 2427 eats Logo or create an appropriate logo.
Decide what the most important navigation items might be
Decide what information should be on the home page. Determine what call to action would eb on home page..
Create a focal point.

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