Homework Due 3-17 Project 2 Final

Project Presentation Due March 17

Produce a final version of your poster.

You will fully refine your concept, print out mount and present  to the class.
If you would like to send me something to review or there are any questions email me.
You will be graded on:
presentation, typography, design, technique and following below instructions

Due at Start of  Class:
Present your layout and description. Explain your work; research and concept as related to research and your design choices.

I. Required for Project Presentation

A. Color Printout 11×17 of your final layout spray mounted on black matt board or gator board
B. Written Project Brief. Create a written description on your project. Include your name, project name, goals, concept and  explain your solution. Print out 8.5×11. Mount to back of matt board.
C. Your Physical Job Folder with layout, brief description, concept sketches, design work, research and reference.
D. Uploads to  OpenLab site:  


II. Uploads to  OpenLab Site
A. Create  a new blog post named
your  “firstname lastname Project2”
tagged category Project 2

B. Single Image File of final layout  saved as a .jpg
Name layout file:  “lastname_firstname_p2.jpg”

C. Your digital casebook file with all related materials: page one; brief description page two; final layout, then, concept sketches, reference etc.  Document does not have to be a designed document but should reflect your design process. Must be saved as  a PDF.
Name Casebook  file:  “lastname_firstname_pcb_2.PDF”

Spec Sheet:

2427_210_Project _2_FINAL

Sample Casebook

final post guide



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