Assignment 2

Logotype Project
First Sketches DUE Feb 17

– Project 1: Work on your logotype bring in a minimum of five concept sketches
– You should try and sketch ideas
– Select one tight sketch/concept to develop and print out larger. We will review them in class.
– Bring Printouts/sketches
– Bring in project physical folder with sketches, any research and reference related to logotype concepts

Upload to Project 1 OpenLab Page

Logotype design principles
Remember, less is more.
This is one thing to keep in mind when creating a logo. Know your message. Tell your message in a focused and clear concept. Make it simple and clean. Do not distract with unnecessary elements. A good logo possesses few elements which are integral to the message.
Your target audience will an important role to play in creating your logo. Logos need to be appropriate for its audience. For instance, the color or font type used in creating a logo for a children’s store will be inappropriate if used to create a logo for a bank.
Your logo needs to be appropriate for its purpose. Take for example , the Walt Disney logo is beautiful. However, it is beautiful for its audience but highly inappropriate for as a bank logo.
A logo should be more than graphic design. It serves as your identity, and symbolizes all that it stands for. It is your brand in design. When people forget your logo, they most likely have forgotten you.
Trends come and go. Don’t follow the pack. Stand out.
Trends are trends. As a brand, you want your logo to stand out all day every day. As a brand you want your logo to stand the test of time. Pay attention to the font type, shape, balance of specific elements and capture the relevant features.

Versatility, means adaptability, the ability of your logo to remain functional and adapt:
Your logo should be able to retain its purpose and aesthetics when used in different ways.
Design Process
The following techniques can help the creative process.
I. Creative Brief
Complete a creative brief that outlines the following:
a. Description of the company
b. Goals & objectives
c. Audience
II. Research & Discovery
Reference: Do online research
Get a job folder to  place all research, sketches reference and related items.
Create electronic casebook file with sketches, show research, reference etc. Can be  a PDF or Word doc.
III. Sketching and Conceptualizing
Do a brainstorming activity and idea to generate ideas for your design concept. Using your research, graphic and conceptual sources, begin designing.
Create a minimum of 5 thumbnail concepts. These should be quick sketches that highlight a concept/idea.
IV. Rough Draft
Choose the best concept from your thumbnail drawings and create a tighter draft.
A successful design communicates its message directly and powerfully through visual impact, interesting color, graphic/image and text combinations.

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Class Pintrest Pages


Font Identification
WhatTheFont →
Upload an image it tells you the name of the font

Typewolf →
Typography inspiration.


Incredible Types →
collection of nice typography,  mostly print work.

Assignment Pintrest page

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