Depero Futurista Publication Design


Publication Design

 Fortunato Depero

Italian Futurist artist/designer 1892-1960

The Bolted Book (Depero Futurista)

Known as “The Bolted Book” because of its famous binding using two aluminum industrial bolts

“The art of the future will be largely advertising.” Fortunato Depero

All pages can be viewed at link below

The book itself is an interesting and unusual design object.
The bolts that hold the book together at can be unscrewed, and the pages taken out;
It is one of the rarest collectable art books around.

The bolted bind let Depero unscrew the book and display pages as a mobile art gallery.

The bolts also did not let book lay flat and if was placed in a “traditional” bookshelf or library the bolts would damage  other books or “disrupt the status quo.”  The bolt represents  the machinery of the “future” used as symbolism for the Futurist Movement.

The Bolted Book was  a  ground breaking typographic experiment and bold exploration in nearly every art and design medium.

The Book was a portfolio, business card, and portable museum (when the bolts were removed, the pages could be pinned up on a wall, exhibition style).

He was the only Futurist ever to live in New York City.
He produced graphic design and covers for Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and even pillow designs for Macy’s.
Depero  urged artists to market themselves to potential clients.

In a way it could be looked upon as the first internet portfolio of it’s day



New York Public Library Has an Original and Facsimile Version
Facsimile Version Was Published In 2017
It Can Be Read By Appointment Only

Catalog page here
AUTHOR Depero, Fortunato, 1892-1960.
TITLE Depero futurista : 1913-1927 / Dinamo-Azari.
BOOK/TEXT | Edizione della Dinamo | 1927
SASB – Print Collection Rm 308 (Spencer Coll. Ital. 1927 95-354)
SASB – Print Collection Rm 308 Spencer Coll. Ital. 1927 95-354 BY APPT ONLY

​Spencer Collection- Regular Hours 1 PM–5:45 PM
Stephen A. Schwarzman Building
476 Fifth Avenue (42nd St and Fifth Ave), Third Floor , Room 308
(212) 930-0817




About the Bolted Book
Bolted Book Brief


Fortunato Depero at Designboom

Depero exhibition at the Center for Italian Modern Art, 2014

Depero Museum Bio



“Fortunato Depero (1892–1960): A Chronology” in Futurist Depero 1913–1950, catalogue for the 2014 exhibition at the
Fundación Juan March in Madrid (pages 437–440):















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