Research Papers

Here you will find several research papers that I have done during my two years in the program.

December 2017: During my Oral Pathology course, I did a research paper on Odontogenic Myxoma. Below you will find my paper which provides a brief overview of this pathology, etiology, clinical presentation, the demographics in which this is most common, when a biopsy is required, possible differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis.

Odontogenic Myxoma Research Paper

October 2017 : To demonstrate my ability to comprehend important information, below I have attached my literature response review for an article titled “Caries Classification” published in the Dimensions of Dental Hygiene Journal. It reviews the various systems used to identify caries lesions. I concluded that with these established systems, it is left up to all dental professionals to implement this evidence based approach to ensure that caries incidence can be effectively minimized across all populations regardless of socioeconomic status.

Literature Review Paper

March 2017: Conducted intensive research on  the effects of Antimicrobial Agents against periodontal disease.

Article Critique on Antimicrobial agents