Community service

March 2018: Head Start Program, located on Neptune Ave, Brooklyn

As a class, we participated in the Head Start Program, by promoting healthy nutritional habits and appropriate brushing techniques according our audience.


March 2018: Service Learning Project at Robert H Goddard Middle School

Collaboratively in a group we prepared and presented a PowerPoint presentation designed to educate teenagers on topics they may encounter during this phase in their lives. The presentation included all of the following: bulimia, herpes, caring for braces, prevention of sports trauma with the use of mouth guards, nutritional habits and proper brushing and flossing techniques.

February 2018: GKAS at the Ronald Edmunds Learning Center

As a class we participated in the promotion of oral health. We educated groups of kids on proper nutritional habits and the prevention of oral cavities. Also performed dental screenings and applied fluoride varnish for children.  We recorded our assessment findings on a paper and was given to children to show it to parents. A referral to the dentist was also given if child was high risk for caries, if any pathology was observed or if child was a candidate for orthodontic treatment.

November 2017: Colgate Bright Smile, Bright Future

During this experience at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, I was able to participate with other volunteers to increase children’s oral health initiatives.  We provided homecare, demonstrated proper brushing techniques and participated in different games and activities to promote oral health. Also participated in dental screenings to grade school children and provided them with referrals if it was required.

March 2017: New York College of Technology

Conducted research and a table clinic on Antimicrobial Agents in the fight against Periodontal Disease. Results of this research was presented to City Tech’s alumni at the cafeteria area.