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Assignment 1 

Describing the Federal Courthouse as a modern building and very comfortable. It is a high-rise building , has many floors. It seems from the image proved to me, the building was built in sections that can be put together easily on top of each other. From the image I could assume it is very spacious. Also has like some type of curves that gives that “high-rise, tall” feeling. Seems like the first section of the building that’s closer to the level of the ground, has about three floors. The upper levels of the building seem to be covered by some vertical structures. Also has usage of a type of glass windows.


Assignment 2 

  1. In describing firmness, Scott asserts that construction is a science. How one looks at a building and finds “the logical expression of material properties and material laws” is by the study of the encounters of justifying a design and the dynamics. Most of all understanding the value, describing the styles of the past and how it arose, the influences on the eye of the beholder, the architect.
  2. Scott claims that architecture relates “now to science, now to art and now to life.” What I think Scott means by architecture relating to life is referring to the condition of the “well-building.” Which relates to commodity, the firmness or physical strength and delight.
  3. “[Desire] is a purely aesthetic impulse, an impulse distinct from all others which architecture may simultaneously satisfy, an impulse by virtue of which architecture becomes art. It is a separate instinct. Sometimes it will borrow a suggestion from the laws of firmness and commodity; sometimes it will run counter to them, or be offended by the forms they would dedicated. It has its own standard and claims its own authority.” In this statement, Scott asserts that desire may or may not be in compatible with firmness and commodity. How he believes critics should approach the study of architecture is taking count for the three “conditions of well-building” and find the compromise for their claims. The architect critic has to analyze, to discover, define and maintain the standards of value in each province.


Assignment 3

Describing Borough Hall as a very wide building. And isn’t as modern but was renovated at some point and was proportioned differently. They added the stairways and the shifted walls. It seems to me the building is about three floors high. Has a pediment as a cover for the entrance. With columns included, and beautiful architectural structures such as the use of a dome for the bell floor. The building seems to be built out of cement as well. The windows seem to be leaded, and the building has detailed structures that are mostly vertical.

The building has very detailed cornice and the stairs to me feel like they are slabs on top of slabs. It is low-rise in a way and lofty building. There is a small detailed style of architecture when describing the bell tower, that uses tall thin columns with a decoration at the top, Corinthians. This a is very beautiful colonial and baronial building.