Methods and Deliverables


  • This project will be edited on Avid Media Composter.
  • Interviews will be conducted with friends and other follower sneaker heads that know of the culture and have experience the issues that come with being part of this culture first hand.
  • Interviews will take place at various locations such as my home and on the street in front stores like footlocker, jimmy jazz, foot action etc..
  • Audio recording will be done will a Rode Microphone which will be capture on my DSLR directly if the quality is good enough. if not I will most likely use a zoom wireless recording device. upon shooting I’ve  encounter some problems with the zoom and shot gun mic and decided to change to a lavalier mic.
  • Some shots will be done handheld and some others will be done on a tripod.
  • All recording with be done with a canon t5i camera.

Project deliverables

  • Documentation will be made and organized for all my research based on my finding.
  • There will be a filming, research and editing calendar.
  • List of material cost will be stated in the budget.