Project #3 Rough Draft

rough 3-1 rough 3-2 rough 3-3 rough 3-4 rough 3-5rough 3-6 

The artist drawing.
Then he gets frustrated. Sfx: Angry sound of the artist.
A Copic marker rolls. Sfx: rolling something
He catches the marker.
Suddenly starts creating ideas from his imagination.
VO: Copic Markers blend to form new color or tone As well as reusing the marker just fill up it with copic ink.
“Copic the revolution of creativity.”

Project# 3 Commercial

Product: Copic Orginal Markers

Target: Artist, Illustrator, Professional, Amateur artist. or just artists in general. Age: (18-35). Income: $250-250,00+

Benefits/Feature: Enhanced artwork/High Quality, Recyclable/ Refill and Replace Nibs, Blend colors/ A wide varies of colors, Two-tips/Chisel tip & Brush tip

Product Tone: Clam/Serious

Competitors: Sharpie, Prismcolors and others

Where the product will play: Copic website or Youtube ad

1st Script: Blend to make one

One color in line then second color parellel to first, after cross blend together to form a new color final zoom-out to see other marker with color doing the same. Copic “A new breed to mix color”

2nd Script: Ink bottle and Copic marker

The Copic marker is dip in the ink bottle to make a circle and another marker with ink bottle dip into it and make a circle next first circle a new color is born. Copic “A new breed to mix color”

Story Boarding#2 Mystery/Suspense (Thumbnail)


  • At the police station an investigation is underway of 5 women murdered 20-25 yrs old
  • Detective Rosswell in charge of the case, a suspect Johnathan “jimmy” Hartrad now goes by Jimmy the Psycho 25-30 yrs old
  • No connection to victims, so Rosswell leave the station to look for clues.
  • 10 blocks away the police station, Rosswell stops at corner of street to smoke
  • Then heard scream of woman and to find her dead.
  • While point the flashlight, she’s stabbed on the heart and slash on the throat.
  • Pointing flashlight to find the suspect but the suspect suddenly slash Rosswell on his right eye.
  • Screaming in agony, Jimmy begins to run from the scene.
  • Rosswell communicates to the police that the suspect Jimmy the Psycho on the loose and police cars started look for the Psychopath
  • Unfortunately, the cops lost him; Furious with cops hangs up his cell phone.