Second Entry


The supervisor for the internship was Oscar Rivera; he is the manager of the Printing and Mailing Department. I emailed Oscar a week before he interviews me. The day of the interview he was sick so asked to have my interview reschedule the following day. The following day, I went and Oscar was there. He greeted me and began the interview. He asked me about the design I had done on my website and I answered him. Afterwards, he showed me around the department and meant with other employers. We got back to his office to speak about when I starts he said the following Monday June 20, 2016. Finally I questioned him about the internship such as:

How long is this internship? Summer ends

Is this internship going to get me a credited? Yes

And ended with saying goodbyes and see you on Monday. I was happy about getting an internship for the Internship credit. I also met Kenneth from my Internship class in order to get his credit as well.




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