Keep Off Those Extra Pounds With The Ketogenic Diet

There are many occasions and circumstances in life which can incite a change in our diets and daily health routines, such as leaving home to go to college or heading out to a new city, all by yourself. You won’t be cooked healthy, wholesome meals by your mother anymore or bring along packed lunch everyday, no. You, and only you will be in control of your food habits. Some people aren’t used to this, and end up just eating whatever junk they want and in turn gain weight! This is often called the “college 15”- 15 meaning, fifteen pounds.

In order to keep your weight the same, or shed off a few extra pounds, you might want to place changes in your lifestyle- or change your diet entirely. A good and proven example of this is the Ketogenic diet. Confused? You can read an in depth explanation of what exactly that is over at approaching fitness, but to summarise it. Here’s how to keep off the college fifteen with keto:

  • Keep fat intake high – This is important when starting a ketogenic diet. Your fat intake must be high in order to further allow the body to get used to breaking it down, causing you to lose weight at a quicker and easier pace.
  • Track your food – Keep a food diary so you don’t end up falling off the wagon. Log everything you eat into it religiously in order to see where most of your calories go, and what you could do to improve your diet. Make sure to be honest about it, and don’t deduct calories and food items no matter how insignificant you think they are.
  • Avoid carbs – Ketogenic diets are known for being low carb, after all! We want our bodies to burn fats, not carbohydrates, so in order to do so you’ll need to avoid carbs completely, if possible. Instead of snacking on bowls of rice, why not get yourself some far more filling peas or salads?
  • Pre-plan meals – It is extremely easy to cheat on your diet when you’re eating out, or when you have nothing to buy. When you’re hungry, you are far more tempted to buy food you know that isn’t good for you. Humans aren’t perfect, so in order to avoid this it would be smart to pre-stock meals high in fat and protein instead of eating out.
  • Have determination – This sort of diet definitely isn’t for the faint hearted, so you’ll need to have the drive and determination to keep going. Don’t worry though, it’ll definitely be worth it when all your efforts pay off in the end.

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