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Benefits of a Good Foot Massage

Our feet are perhaps one of the most overused parts of our body. We stand, we walk, we run, we sashay, we dance – all on a daily basis. Imagine the stress that our feet go through. Having to support all of our body weight, getting to be in contact with the ground or our footwear for almost all of our waking hours, the stress can be pretty telling.

A good podiatrist would probably tell you that having a good foot massage every now and then would do wonders for your constitution. You know, there are times when you touch the soles of your feet and they’re pretty sore, pretty tender to the touch and you cannot help but grimace. You never knew that you have been up on your feet for so long. You never see the immediate effects, but for sure, you would have throbbing and enlarged veins, which makes you susceptible to varicose veins and a lot of foot problems.

Here are the benefits of a good foot massage:

Better overall sleep. Because your feet have carried you throughout the day, they need a lot of TLC every night. Rub lotion or any kind of essential oil into your foot every night. Give yourself a good foot massage by rubbing and pressing on the big toe of each foot. Then massage the bottom of your feet for at least ten minutes. You’ll have a better overall sleep. Your feet would be relaxed and this ensures that you are going to have a great sleep.

Better blood circulation. Since we really do not go for comfortable footwear, especially the women who love to wear stiletto heels and other uncomfortable footwear, our feet are placed in undue stress. A good foot and lower leg massage calms and soothes the body, making sure that the body organs get the proper amount of oxygen to aid in recovery. A good ten-minute foot massage would do the trick normally. Rub a liberal amount of essential oil unto your feet and then massage from toes down to your ankles. Reach up to your lower leg and repeat for the other foot.

Wards off depressive tendencies. Believe it or not, stimulating the center of your big toe would help you to ward off depressive tendencies. Pressing specific points on your feet offers you consolation, probably releasing stress and giving you the hormones which would give you a feeling of relief and comfort.

Makes you relax. As we have said, the feet are overworked and therefore it is important that they get TLC every night. Massaging them would relax not only your lower extremities but would radiate throughout your whole body. You would be able to get a better feeling after a good foot massage. You’ll be relaxed and ready for a good slumber.

Reduces edema for expectant mothers. Connected to relaxation, expectant mothers experience the bloating of their feet and it is therefore important that they get a good foot massage to keep themselves stress-free. Being on their feet for the whole day makes them feel so stressed so therefore, it is important that when they get off their feet, the husbands would be able to show some love.

There are other benefits of a good foot massage but all in all, a great foot massage gives you the chance to relax and find a better way to slumber and recharge your proverbial batteries.

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