3 Examples of Rhythm




These 3 images show rhythm because of the repeated patterns and colors. Also, the use of movement.



I think this picture from the cooper hewitt collection shows contrast because of the use of the different colors together in the squares. (green and red, black and red, blue and red, and yellow and red.


I like the use of contrast with the grey and black in this photo. Also, the big and small circles and triangles.


The contrast shows in the light green and dark green colors.

Favorite Perk

Being a CUNY student, I found out that my favorite perk is being able to have apple music for $5  a month. Also, the app, Unidays is very helpful to find student discounts.



While I was reading this article, I realized that this specific project was created from not only imagination but from what would happen in a hypothetical situation. She created this because she thought outside the earth. She didn’t think of a design that could be used on earth. I also like how her piece collaborates with both art and science.


My name is Dashae Eason (Shae). I’m taking this class because I love all kinds of art and I figured taking this class will better my art skills and expand my mind. I like seeing graffiti around the city. That’s what inspires me. I like seeing different types of art because I want to learn more about the different types. Music also inspires me. My process for art is usually with a pencil and a sketchpad or any type of surface I can draw on. I usually draw portraits and small cartoons. I’m open to collaborating on any types of projects.


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