Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

I had an amazing time at the design museum on Monday. We were scheduled to listen to a lecture by Bruce Mau, however he wasn’t able to make it for health related issues. Instead, we were allowed to enjoy the rest of the museum for the night.

photo 5

Here’s an awesome photo of me being awesome.

I learned that there are many more strides to be made for technology and design to be mixed into one. I found tons of amazing designs that incorporated awesome technologies. I’m really glad I was able to go there.

Design Journal Entry #11

This is a screenshot of the TARDIS’ engine whooshing soundwave:


I chose this sound for my visualization because I really like Doctor Who. It’s a Television show that shows how intelligence and friendship are two vital necessities in life for constant success and happiness. The sound is below:

I chose this specific sound from the entire show because the sound of the TARDIS’ engine is a sonic reassurance of hope. You see, The Doctor (The Captain of the TARDIS) is, in the simplest way possible, a “savior.” He touches a lot of people’s hearts in very positive ways. Whenever they here that sound they’re overcome with a sense of joy and hope. That’s why I’ve used this visualization.


Note: TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space

Graphic Design Homework

This is the result of the beginning of a project that I started. The goal was to create 2 separate GIFs showing movement. One composition using one design element and another using multiple. This is what I did. Hope you enjoy!

This is the first composition:

Frame-1-of-8 Frame-2-of-8 Frame-3-of-8 Frame-4-of-8 Frame-5-of-8 Frame-6-of-8 Frame-7-of-8 Frame-8-of-8


This is the second one:

Frame 1 of 8 Frame 2 of 8 Frame 3 of 8 Frame 4 of 8 Frame 5 of 8 Frame 6 of 8 Frame 7 of 8 Frame 8 of 8


Thanks for visiting my portfolio!

A Reflection

These are components of a project that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks:

IMG_2395During this project, I learned that there is no such thing as craftsmanship without time. It is literally impossible to reach anywhere near amazing if you don’t devote time and hard work into your designs. This project in itself wasn’t at all very difficult. However, the difficulty came when I attempted craftsmanship.

IMG_2396This project showed me that difference between completing an assignment and actually designing. I’m really glad that I was given this project and have learned to set aside designated time and effort for any future design processes.




When you actually put time and effort into something you actually start to care about it. It’s a really weird phenomenon to adjust to. But I believe that pride makes me better as a designer in terms of craftsmanship. The more work I put into something the more proud I am of it, and this project helped show me that.



I’m currently taking ADV1100 so that I can become a much better Graphic Designer. I plan to one day run my own GD firm. When it comes to inspiration and where I gather it from, honestly, it’s usually from something that’s in the room I’m in.  However, there are a couple of artists that I really enjoy. I really like Banksy and all of his graffiti work and paintings. I’ve also recently discovered Mike Campau. He’s an amazing Graphic Designer and is currently my favorite. Usually when I want to create something, I have an idea of what it is. I tend to always attempt epic designs that are way out of my league. Because of that, I always search online for tons of help to create what I want. That’s my usual design process. For example, I would’ve never been able to make this without the abundance of information found online and the positive communities surrounding it:


I would love to work on projects that help me become a better Graphic Designer while creating a good atmosphere for networking and feedback.

Just a tiny introduction 🙂


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